What's your Friday lunch?

Gochujang scrambled eggs on toast, here

Not aure but we went to the mini tezarino over the road for smoothie a while back, and realised for 40p more we could get a sarniewich and a sachet of crisps, which are now keeping it chill in the car, so maybe them.

What do you think it should be?

I’m in town and I’m willing to treat myself.

Vegetarian banh mi

Had banh mi the other day but thank you for your input.

I’m currently ordering in Owt in the Corn Exchange in Leeds

Whatcha having?

I will post a pic when it arrives

If I could be bothered heading to ancoats today could have been the day for a Mira

Probably go to lakeland cornershop for a £1 sandwich.

Nice little glass of white while waiting

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Everybody go and post in my thread instead!

Half a pret vgn Xmas wrap thing and half some leftover pasta

Look what happens when we’re encouraged to make threads. Shambles. Sorry

Ah just thought I’d go to Platzki and relive that time my hot polish friend ordered for me and I went weak at the knees but its closed. So I guess no sexy lunch for me.


Baguette is turkey mayo and salad

Fried chicken and triple cooked chips


Indian omelette sandwich
S&V McCoys
50g of a Sainsbury’s own brand big chocolate bar
Off brand lilt
Segueing nicely into a work online cocktail making thing where I’ll have a daiquiri