What's your go-to comfort TV show?

mine’s Peep Show but I’m looking for a new one

I like watching stuff like the clangers if I’m ill

Wallace and Gromit

The American Office. Think we’ve watched it most nights since it aired.

Also love a bit of Kitchen Nightmares, 24 Hours In Hell Gordon Ramsay shows. It’s the same formula every single time but I love it and his mannerisms.


In my 20s it was Seinfeld as I had about about ten VHS cassettes worth taped from BBC2 and Sky 2 (a briefly existing channel that changed into something else).

Probably Dad’s Army now. I usually have a few taped on the Sky Box from UK Gold.

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Peep Show, Always Sunny, classic Simpsons and Taskmaster, seem to rewatch the four of them on a loop

Classic Simpsons
Joe Pera Talks With You (the most relaxing show on TV)


Good simpsons, fresh prince of bel air, good tom and jerry

When I get into a TV show that becomes a source of comfort, recently on Netflix I’ve been watching shows that aired ages ago and put an episode on when I’m eating or watch a couple before bed. Last 2 were the us office (which was up and down but i enjoyed it a lot) and girlfriends (similarly up and down and was cancelled midway but still good)

Also Peep Show for me. ‘Jeremy! You’ve fucked the bit!’ Classic.

The Trip. Food, scenery, bit of sad piano music at the end of every episode, ideal.


Jackass (including the films in 30 min bits)

Bob’s Burgers and Taskmaster.

Peep Show, Always Sunny, Thick of It (not the Chris Langham eps, obviously). Blackadder 2nd/3rd if I’m in the mood.

The OC, Twin Peaks, old Pokémon, and more recently She-Ra is entering the rotation

Friends (pre Monica and Chandler’s relationship being known)

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Bob’s Burgers and early Simpsons.

Might sound weird but I find Curb very relaxing. Think it’s a combination of how comfortably everyone in it lives (nice houses, long lunches, no-one ever works, it never seems to rain) or how comparatively low-stakes it all is (the worst thing that can happen in any given episode is Larry being kicked out of a golf club).


Recently been rewatching all of Parks and Rec. That show is like a big goofy hug from an old friend, I love it.


I’m Alan Partridge. Peep Show feels a bit too close to the bone sometimes.