What's your go-to curry? (YES, ANOTHER FOOD THREAD!)

I’m sure we’ve had this discussion before but whatever. Answer the question.

At my local place I normally go for a noratan korma (mixed veg in creamy sauce). If I order more than one then sometimes chana masala, sometimes Bombay Aloo. Obviously with naan and some raita.


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can’t pick. Varies so much each time I go. Last night I had Nawabi Murgh, but The King Prawn Special, Duck Junadi, Lamb Mouchak, King Prawn Shashlik and on my bland days, Chicken Korma, are all great. and there are still 4 or 5 dishes that I select every once in a while.

Sides remain generally the same mind,
Pilau Rice
Keema Naan
Saag Paneer/Bhaji
Aubergine or Cauliflower Bhaji

Lamb vindaloo, but sometimes dial it down to a madras if trying somewhere new for the first time. Local also does a nepalese lamb curry which is superb.

lamb karahi or butter chicken
saag aloo
plain naan
samosa or bhaji if i’m feelin’ greedy
4 popadom

Chicken Dhansak or Pathia (sweet and sour curry rocks!)
Some rice or another
Garlic naan
Saag aloo
Tarka dahl

If we order one in we have a paneer tikka starter and then lashani ghust (lamb with ginger, garlic and chilis)and chicken and saag balti between us with a veg pilau rice and a garlic naan.

If we go out to our usual place:
Veg pakora and sheekh kebab starter and have half each
Tandoori chicken chili and garlic karahi for main
Garlic and cheese naan to share

spinach paneer
or beet cheera if we go to rasa. droool

always this

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A chicken pathia or a butter chicken (provided it’s not the almond abomination)

(Chicken lababdar from Babur is the king of kings though)

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Veggie vindaloo, mushroom or pilau rice, bombay potatoes, peshwari naan is the basic order.
Sometimes also a saag paneer, tadkar dal or some sort of sambar/lentil thing. And then feel like I’m going to burst for about four days.

just had a chicken karahi, real nice


Dhansak every time

Don’t have one, too excited by the prospect of the NEW to order the same thing every time. Depends what looks good at the time.


Patia or Shashlik

Lamb chops to start.
For curry some sort of lamb chef special number. Whatever looks best, but always lamb.
Garlic naan.
Paneer tikka or mushroom bhaji.
Bombay potatoes.

And I wonder why I’m overweight. Actually, that’s not true, I never wonder.

Butter chicken or chicken korma. I’m a spice weenie.

A GOOD butter chicken (I can’t stress the GOOD enough here) is a match for any other spicy dish.

Curries being off their mash on spice as standard is a largely British concoction, I believe. Particularly wrt Indian curries.

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dal makhani, saag aloo, chana gobi & a plain naan

I’m happy gauging a restaurant based on the quality of its Jalfrezi. I often plump for chicken, as I’ve had a few bad lamb ones, but lamb would be preferable. whenever we get one of a tired sunday evening we’ll share a third main of tandoori lamb which helps spread the risk and make the leftovers even more worth it.

All of that said, In a restaurant I generally check the chef’s recommendations for something that sounds both hot and full of green chillies. I was very let down on Saturday, mind, when the Lamb Kalia I ordered, based on this description: “Spring lamb cooked with spring onions, green chilli, garlic and fresh ginger juice”, had literally no green chilli in it whatsoever. Sad.