What's your go-to curry? (YES, ANOTHER FOOD THREAD!)

Standard order at our local place is saag paneer. Vegetable karahi occasionally.

My default is a Chicken Dhansak with instructions that it be medium spicy.

If I’m in a new restaurant, I judge the place on the strength of their Chicken Biryani. If they can’t get that right, I’m not coming back. Also keep an eye on how much oil floats to the top of each dish (a big no-no).

Lamb or Fish Karahi and a tarka daal.

I’ve always liked a curry but moving to Leeds was a revelation, my least favourite curry place out of the five I’ve been to in the past year is still like 8/10

Have you been to Hansa’s?

Yeah I went sometime last year, it was really good!

Any other good Leeds tips? I like Hansa’s and Tharavadu. Going to Cat’s Pyjamas next week and expecting good things.

Used to love going there when I lived in Leeds. Bonus points for everything being veggie too.

Tharavadu is definitely the best, you can’t even get a table for two on a Tuesday night. Saw Chris Kamara there once which has got to be a hallmark of quality.

Mumtaz at Clarence Dock is pretty good, it’s the best takeaway curry I’ve had in Leeds. Akbar’s is alright but they do big groups really well and they have those massive naans.

If at any old place, I try and get one veg side dish, aloo gobi or a saag, on account of those usually being the best cooked things in Indians, and one medium lamb dish, on account of lamb being a bit of an arse-ache to make on your own.

At my regular they do a fish dish heavy on coriander, cumin and cream which I can rarely pass up.

Mumtaz is great! Have you given Bundobust a try yet?

Not yet, I keep meaning to but everyone I know says it’s good but overpriced so if I want a curry I end up going somewhere else. Also it being next to Tharavadu doesn’t help.

Fair enough, I wouldn’t say it’s overpriced at all tbh though, £7 for the lunch deal is great value. Even in the evening, reckon it’s hard to spend much more than £15pp without ordering far too much food.

Lamb Sag, unless I’m at the Red Fort in which case it’s a Mint Lamb Massala every fackin time.

usually get a chicken tika balti type thing with a naan bread - chili chicken tika balti if they do it

either sag balti or onion balti depending on how unhealthy I’m feeling

In most places, it’s fish or mixed pakora followed by a lamb curry (Rogan Josh if in Scotland, Saag otherwise), plain naan and pilau rice.

At home, we make Meera Sodha’s Mum’s chicken curry recipe at least once a month (http://meerasodha.com/what-my-mother-taught-me/), it’s pretty easy and incredibly tasty. Massive fan of both her cookbooks.

Did you know that most aren’t actually ‘Indian’ restaurants, that is in fact the name of the inventor.

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Truly the McDonald’s of South Asian cuisine.

Chicken chill massala
Keema Naan
Onion Bhaji

a dark brown lamb one

Onion bhaji
Balti aloo gobi mushroom
Garlic naan
Unless I’m at Jyoti, when it’s Malai Kofta. The only place I’ve found it outside of India and it’s delicious.
I live in Birmingham, obviously.