What's your go-to song to test out new speakers/headphones?

For headphones, it’s Burial of course, usually his Rival Dealer EP.

Just got a siiiiick new speaker setup up and realised I don’t really have a go-to for that!

Currently trying to break them with some Twilight Sad. :slight_smile:


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Possibly “Private Investigations” by Dire Straits. Towards the end, just before the final piano (or synth) chords kick in, there is a sound, very quiet, as though someone dropped a very small glass or crystal object on a hard surface, causing it to shatter. I did not notice this until I listened on a good set of speakers, and even now I have to listen for it, or I miss it.

Oddly, I usually go for Rendez-Vous by Basement Jaxx.

I think this stems from when I first got some really decent speakers, and that was the first album I put on (Remedy). Sounded fucking incredible.

Before Your Very Eyes by Atoms for Peace.

Not so much a song, but usually slap Earth 2 on

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