What's your GP strategy?


I tend to go in, describe my symptoms, then wait to be told that there’s probably nothing wrong with me and to come back in a fortnight if I’ve gotten any worse.

My girlfriend, however, who has chronic health problems and is much more experienced at dealing with health professionals, says that this is wrong and why I get fobbed off a lot. She says you should go in, say “I think x or y is wrong with me because I have symptoms a, b and c” so they have to directly address your concerns. I am far too British to feel comfortable with this more aggressive style.



I’m just like you, but wish I was more like your girlfriend


Go, get slung in an ambo straight off to hozza.


Hmm, I tend to go in and apologise lots for wasting their time.


Back of the queue, pal.


I can only read that sentence in an Australian accent


“I’m sure it’s nothing but I thought I better get it checked right? Right?”


My gut feeling is that if I tell them my symptoms plus what I think the key issue is, they’ll just roll their eyes and say “aye cheers Doctor Google, why not leave it to the pros this time”.


I tend to try to vaguely lead them in the direction I want them to think about but try not to come straight out with a self diagnosis cause let’s face it they’ll just ignore you. I think I annoy them because I always ask to see my blood results.

Ocassionally they’ll ask what I do for a living and then we end up have a good chat.


‘yeah okay House i’m sure your “leg” is “bledding profusely from a stump.” I’LL be the judge of oh god.’


Yeah this. Don’t want to seem like a dickhead know it all. Then get enraged when they inevitably patronise me.


I’m with your girlfriend. Your doctor will only see what they’re looking for, so if there are other symptoms which suggest something else, they might not spot them without a bit of a steer.

Don’t go in telling them how to do their job though - go in and describe your symptoms and what you’ve read about through your own research, and let them make their professional judgement.


depends what my team mates doing and what’s best for the team. usually try and get on the podium though


Mind you, I only go to the doctor’s for my blood pressure these days, so I go in and they say “how are you?” and I reply that I’m fine, because even when my blood pressure was high I was blissfully unaware, and now it’s all under control with drugs I am actually fine.


sorry to hear about your breakup Epimer, hope you’re okay x


I don’t go


There was one time that I was absolutely certain I had whooping cough, and didn’t think the gp would get there on their own so I said outright ‘I think I have whooping cough’ (turns out I did)


@Epimer sinister


ruddy hell


Last time I went was when I suspected I had Hand Foot & Mouth disease. I had good reason to suspect this, given my kid had been diagnosed with it the previous week and I had all the same symptoms. Started telling the doctor this to provide context and she got really pissy and was like “who’s this appointment for, her or you?”, which was a bit annoying. Turns out I did have it though.