What's your handwriting like, DiS?


I’m talking yer average scrawl, not anything too fancy or whatever. Basically someone made a disparaging remark about my writing and I’m getting a bit needlessly_defensive about it.
Please post pictures of your own below so we can try and forge your signature on important legal documents.
Exhibit A:

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I am guessing the word before “alright” is “is”???


better than that! I’ll note technique you on friday, dude


Work notepad.


nice looking but illegible




Depends how much effort you’d put into on a note technique thing
I’d probably take more care than I had done here


It gets much, much worse if I have a lot to say quickly (vague hint of which is on that opposite page)


Work notepad.

  • Chamdogg word count. April- August





do you do spelling tests there?


Suitably legible, clear, good spacing.





Here’s my bestest scrawls from my notepad


Something’s really tickled me about you crossing out two answers to answer “7” and that they were both wrong



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