What's your heart age?

Mine is 32 (one year older than my actual age), though I don’t know a lot of what I assume are fairly key factors.

The TRUE power of love :heart:

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it says to improve it either lose weight, lower cholesterol or reduce blood pressure

but then it stays the exact same if i hit the little toggles to show the effect of doing those things… so fuck it

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Mine is 35, 3 years older than my age. Actual bollocks.


A year old than my age, but I don’t know BP or cholesterol, which would elevate it considerably I’d say

if i put in my resting heart rate / max heart rate i’m sure i’d come out better

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In your face, old people


Such a mean spirited edit

Did it need it? I think it needed it, bit vague without.

resting heart rate: 54

anyone beating that?

Alright bugduv




“The only way is… down! Six feet under! Repent your ways!”

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this is bullshit btw i can’t get it to go any lower than 35 no matter what options i choose for anything

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I don’t have my HRM with me but I think it’s the high 50s

it’s a scary thing for me because my dad died in his early 40s from a heart attack so I have this constant suspicion that my time is running out.

RIP Kermit

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One year above my actual age. Apparently it’s cholesterol what’s doing that… which is obviously true despite me having never measure my cholesterol.

(TBF, I have eaten a lot of burgers in the last year or two)

Mine varies between about 54 and 61 (goes on days where I’ve had food with chilli in it, or I’ve drunk lots of beer). But then I am on blood pressure medication to reduce it, so I’m cheating.

My heart age came out at 47, when I’m 44. Considering about five years ago my blood pressure was literally off the scale (The first reading I recorded, taken after I’d been put on medication was 192/122, and the scale on chart here only goes to 190/100), I’m happy with that.