What's your ice cream situation currently like at home?

Got some of these bad boys. Hard chocolate and liquid chocolate at the bottom of the cone :drooling_face:

Chat and recommendations encouraged.

I’ve eaten three tubs of Ben and Jerrys in the last month or so. I am currently without ice cream though.


1x Ben n Jerry’s choc fudge brownie tub (new)
1x booja booja raspberry ripple tub (opened, disgusting)

Got some R Whites lemonade lollies coming in a Sainos delivery soon and will be getting 2l of free Salcombe Dairy over the weekend (flavour tbc)

Half a tub of salted caramel brownie ice cream. Pretty disappointing tbf.

2x skittles (very very good)
2x R White’s (very good)

the following, in various quantities


I am currently without ice cream (been trying to use up everything in the freezer to defrost)

I don’t have any, I need to rectify this stat

Finished my weekly Ben & Jerry’s last night. There’s probably some other nonsense in the freezer for 'er indoors but I’m not interested.

Not on ice cream book atm as I’m currently vibing with sorbet/lollies more.

Got 2 tubs of sorbet today (lemon and raspberry respectively) and some Del Monte smoothie lollies, which I used to live off in my 5:2 diet days. One of the best lollies, had one earlier and it was delicious. Also got half a tub of passionfruit frozen yoghurt which I wasn’t mad on tbh and some tiny multi flavoured ice lollies as well.

That Haagen Dazs looks good

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Nice. “Getting into sorbet” is a very underrated phase in life.


I’m down to my last two white Magnums…things are going to get desperate soon.

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Calippos galore. I’ve had two of them inside me today. Mint cornettos Some Nuui Macadamia and Dark Fruit ones (Separately), and some salted caramel sainsburys fake cornettos Yum yum.

Always got loads in. Proper love a lolly

I have some of those tiny cups of really good vanilla ice cream and one of these:

I don’t eat much ice cream. Also, “superfood” is the stupidest thing but these are actually tasty.

That’s cheap!


I don’t really eat ice cream. All of the ice cream in the freezer is my bf’s.

it was really good - decent sized chunks of peaches in it, very refreshing

I’ve not had home ice cream in a long time

This lot are from round here and super duper yum yum (vegan salted caramel personal fave). Gin n Tonic one is a bit bland to be tbh honest.