Whats your invoice numbering outlook?

I have an eight digit alphanumeric code for the company and then a hyphen and then “001”, “002” etc.

So for example if I was going to invoice @shrewbie for “miscellaneous services” I would number it SHREW001-001.

And that’s the way it goes.

I’m an invoicee, not an invoicer.

Do you have a budget code
Can I have it


My initials and a number. Passed 100 recently!!!11

I don’t recommend Outlook for invoicing.



Two-letter client code plus three-digit imvoice number (XX001)

imagine an ITV show called The Invoice and it was just a piece of paper twirling round on a chair for two hours with Will I Am and Tom Jones just staring at it


I’d watch it

Three digits seems to lack confidence in repeat business.


A well-founded lack of confidence

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I don’t know, I invoice most of my clients monthly, and even for the weekly ones I think 999 weeks is a fairly long runway

I was self employed for 2 years. Think I got up to INV_014

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