What's your IQ?

Just reading about this now, had no idea. Yeeesh

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@moderators sorry let’s delete this shit thread

True (me included)

Nvm, Eric beat me to it

Never trust a person who knows their IQ.

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1 like = 1 iq


I tried this because its faster to see if my iq is doing okay, I got up to 5 before getting bored and got them all right which made me feel good. Idk they’re probably the easy ones though

got the 1st one right but in a different way, didn’t even think about square numbers I just saw they have 7 9 11 difference so figured it’s a 13 difference for the next. Math is beautiful

bit harsh on brian molko

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Never taken one (already know I’m dumb, don’t need a test to tell me) but the ones I’ve seen all seem to have a fairly narrow set of tests so presumably it’s like anything where you can learn the
method or approach. I imagine people with a certain type of education get taught exactly the type of skills to succeed in these type of tests.

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Basically- what adrain webb said

It’s your intelligence quotient silly.