What's your kebab shop order?

Let’s say it’s saturday night about 3am and you’ve put in a decent shift. You’ve got about a 20 min walk home. What are you gonna be spilling all down yourself on the way?

Nothing for me thanks, eric.



Large donner, no onions,

Mixed donner, garlic sauce.

Chicken burger, loads of lettuce and mayonnaise, no tomato.

Large doner. Full salad. No chili sauce. Mayonnaise.


Or chicken doner and fries. No pitta. Mayonnaise.

not a lot of sauce chat. and drinks?!

My university mainstay used to be a pitta filled with chips, then donner meat, then chilli and garlic sauces. DONNER YIROS CHIPS INSTEAD yes please boss.

When I was on meatbook it’d be a chicken doner with plenty of salad and hot sauce, and ask boss man to bung in a couple of hot wings on the side

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And a can of rio

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How you handling a drink as well?

In any case, I’ll be bagging it and doing an ill-advised half jog home so I can gorge myself while on my sofa, while watching some shite on ITV2 with a can of lager from the fridge. This will be a bad decision.



In my opinion it is a real shame that the kebab is considered “dirty” or whatever. As a sober man, I will gladly enjoy one as a dinner as a treat. There are so many extremely excellent restaurants that unfairly suffer as a result of the reputation of the dish.


Have you considered starting an awareness week?

My man. Absolutely, tired cliche.




I think a week would probably be too long but a day wouldn’t be long enough. Nobody has “Three-Day Awareness Periods” do they?

An awareness long weekend? Then you could have some awareness (Friday) in schools and the workplace and then maybe turn Saturday and Sunday into more of a celebration.

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