What's your kebab shop order?

Large mixed donner, all the salad stuff, garlic sauce. Wrap it up, stomp home with a purpose, crack open another beer and apply some extra homemade sauce (mango chamoy on a kebab is a revelation guys, seriously) before attacking it like a wolf with self esteem issues in front of whatever comedy I can put on with the least amount of effort. Feel like a king for the first half of it and like an absolute shambles of a man thereafter.


Think we’ve chatted about this on here before - that greek place in the centre of Cambridge. Gardenia or something? Now that. That was a kebab.

Yessir. The Gardenia, or Gardies for short.

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I think I’d prefer the last day to be a Monday so the school stuff is taken in more

Yeah plus I WFH on a Friday so wouldn’t be able to participate in any on site awareness.

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Nuggets & chips with ketchup or a burger (lettuce, onion and ketchup) with chips

Then it’s decided!

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Halloumi wrap, garlic n chili, all salads except tomato, can of dr pepper

In my opinion, when a can of pop is added into the mix in these scenarios it serves the double purpose of making the food too cold and the drink too warm.

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Not sure I could do a doner anymore.

If they do pizza I’ll have a pizza.

What are you talking about tony

It’s just a post about how if you get a can of pop (from a fridge) and put it in a bag with a hot kebab, the drink gets too warm and the kebab gets too cold.

I will sometimes use a cold can of pop to ensure that a choccie bar remains refrigerated whilst in a bag but the reverse situation is a bad situation

Cheeseburger and chips

How long are you leaving these items in the bag?

In which example?

The example wherein the items have an adverse effect on the temperature of the other

Oh right, yeah. Anywhere between 0 minutes and 2 hours.

EDIT: Actually, in only adverse situations I am smart enough to avoid the adverse situation

What a place. One day I shall return.

Depends if I’m being vegetarian or not.

Meat fiend- CHicken BBQ kebab with extra grilled veg, Large Pitta.
Drunk meat fiend- Chicken BBQ kebab with cheese, King sized (ie astuffed in a nan bread) and a tray of donner meat

NOn-meat fiend- vegetable kebab with extra salad and hot sauce Large Pitta
Drunk non-meat fiend- massive chips & cheese

Baz used to go into the Kebab place in town and go “CHEESEBURGACHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPS” really loudly and they fucking loved it, used to be a tangible sense of anticipation when he went in amongst the staff.