What's your least favourite episode of the series 2- 9 of the Simpsons

Lisa Goes To Washington and A Streetcar Named Marge for me

Is there one where the teacher guys cooks a burger or something?

Any of the Halloween ones


You Got It Animation GIF by SWR Kindernetz

Forgot to put clipshows or Halloween ones excluded

Hard to pick but going with Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes

Herb being a one off is funnier.



Too late. Ok I’ll go by your ‘rules’ and say Lady Bouvier’s Lover.

Quite like the Halloween ones. I know they’re slated but I always find them enjoyable.


Yeah I think there are enough good bits to make them fun as I flick through with my daughter on D+.

But it’s a good example of an episode form that was frustrating when you were waiting a week for a new episode and instead of a proper story you got this?!

Think it might be Das Bus, there’s just something off about the humor and even the animation. Feels very half-assed. The timing is completely off.

It’s nowhere near as bad as it could be, but Bart the Lover always seems a bit mean-spirited. Catfishing your teacher because you got detention? Tbf, Bart doea feel bad about it, but still.

Does include ‘dear baby, welcome to dumpsville, population you’ though.


Honestly most of season 2 can get in the bin, cba, season 3 is when it started to get better imo, its too angsty, i prefer the lighthearted stupid homer and storylines. Dont like the animation either. 3 men and a comic book is particularly annoying, it always used to come on tv at one point and it’s shit


Oh, 22 short films about Springfield as well. An experiment that didn’t land imo.

Just had a thought: I wonder if Family Guy was entirely created cos Seth Green thought that the way the Simpsons Halloween episodes constantly jumps around plots at random should happen after every single fucking line.

Marge Be Not Proud. The whole vibe is just a downer.


Rewatching Season 2 I love how naive and simple some of the plotlines are. Sometimes it lands and is really affecting (end of Simpson and Delilah) but sometimes it just comes across as too cliché. Season 2 isn’t up there with the best, but it’s still really, really good.

It started to get brilliant on Lisa’s Substitute (end of Season 2). The run of that/War of the Simpsons/ Three Men and a Comic Book / Blood Feud is up there with the best of Season 3 IMO.

The episodes I dislike are ones with typical sitcom endings, like Mr Lisa Goes to Washington and When Flanders Failed. They’re too sappy and simplistic.

“If i wanted smoke blowing up my ass I’d be at home with a packet of cigarettes and a short length of hose” is a very good line though


Not a wonderful challenge but all the video game stuff is on point.