What's your least favourite thing about cyclists?


Mine is probably those silly little outfits they wear.

Anti Cycling Thread

The fact that they’re all cunts.


The endless inane bullshit spouted about it


The way they call bottles, “bidons” because they’re fucking stupid.




if anything, they’re TOO perfect


thanks man


don’t talk to me about cyclists


Adult cyclists who cycle on the gotdamn pavement.


going through red lights/pedestrian crossings and either not giving a shit at all or going ‘duh sorry i didn’t realise driving though a bunch of people was a bad idea derp’


Cyclists who cycle towards you on the cyclepath BUT DON’T KEEP LEFT.


They pick all the good food if you get to Box Hill after 4pm.

Wobbly ones who don’t have enough confidence to cycle in busy traffic.

Track standing at lights.


wreaking havoc in countries on the coast of the South Pacific/Indian oceans


when they cycle in the middle of the lane.
get in the ditch cunts


Distorted view of what constitutes ‘cheap’


saw a guy the other day wearing a helmet and hi-vis jacket, but still cycling on the pavement. what a cock.


read the highway code, mate!!!




Who am I kidding, I wish I could. I might start racing this year, do you reckon I will learn???


My favourite thing has to be the way they ride 4 or 5 abreast on country lanes. That’s really endearing.