What's your Levi?

Between £25 and £50 depending where from / type of denim etc


Remember Twisted Levis? Man. They were horrible.


I like the LVC 1954 501

511s. Most recent pairs were Lee, from TK Maxx. Fit me very well, cheap as fuck.

Bought some new ones from Next the other day. Bit smarter for work, £25, fit me mighty fine.

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Not on Levi book

Usually buy H&M jeans (black skinny)

Yeah too spenny


Trying to make some kind of joke work about Pizza Express going into administration and the Gap and folding (like clothes) but I can’t do it, so just imagine it’s great and really funny, thanks

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511s, like everyone else. Got a pair of 510s too but they look ridiculous on this fat middle-aged idiot, so they’ve sat in a drawer for the last 4 years.

dont think ive ever worn levis. topman spray on skinny like the mid noughties indie kid i never was in the mid noughties


I wore 501s for years. It was easy - 501 32w 30l - all I decided was the colour. Brilliant. Then my wife pointed out that 501s are not especially flattering on me and now I am am in a “trying jeans on before I buy them” hell zone.

501s, still. I tried some skinner jeans, but they weren’t for me. I switched to Gap jeans for a while, because they were cheap, but it turns out you get what you pay for. I think I’ve got some FCUK jeans upstairs too, but I haven’t worn them in a bit.

511s, think I have a pair of 504s from a charity shop as well. Only really buy them because they’re the only brand I know of that reliably does 36L jeans off the peg.

I only have Gap jeans because I found my size and it’s easy to just rebuy them, but they do wear out at the crotch (nice) and the black fades to grey. Are Levis substantially better for the price though?

519’s, seem to remember @Jeremys_Iron was also a big fan of these

they last on average about 2 years, normally cost about £60-£70

I’m wearing wranglers


bear in mind you’re not supposed to wash jeans very often* so that might be why they’re fading if you’re washing them too much

*i appreciate we’ve done this thread about a hundred times before…

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I don’t wash them often, but I probably hang on them far too long in general.