What's your likes received/given disparity

3.4k in favour of ‘received’ here. Now you.

11.8k given
18.5k received



I really need to like more posts

I’m looking for a single figure showing the difference please Mr V, I’m no mathematician.
Edit: Fuck it, do it however you want. 10.3k received, 6.9k given.


18.8k given
23.2k received

I think he’s looking for a single figure showing the difference please mr-t, he’s no mathematician.


Read the edits, idiot.

well i never

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4.2 given, 2.7 received.

Should post more and do less passive reading really or maybe just do something else with my time - but where would be the fun in that?

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I didn’t mean that. I was angry and confused and I regret it.

Nor am I. He can do the math(s)

4.4k I reckon.


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7.5k in favour of received

1.33 received / given

given plenty and received plenty :slight_smile:


9.1k given
10.4k received

1.3k disparity. but over 2 likes per post on average (5.1k posts created)

In 3.7k, out 2.9k

On the topic of likes, it seems i have a fan, who in about a month and a half has raced to number one…


2.45 likes per post (LPP) here. 4.2k posts created. Nice extra stat Pervo.

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