What's your 'limit' on the amount of booze you can have on a night out


…without it becoming a chore, making an ass of yourself etc?

I’d say 4 ales and a couple of shorts, for me. anymore and I end up feeling shitty and start to get ruder than usual. and I’ll put the earphones in, which ain’t cool

please bear in mind, this is over say a 3-4 hr period. the days of hitting the boozer at 11am and going all day are loooooong gone. never enjoyed them anyway, but that’s for another time




usually stick to pints, any more than 5 and it’s game over for me


come back some other time with a solid answer


Did 20 cans of red stripe bank holiday monday, felt ill for days.


Probably around the five to six pint mark for me. I’m not too much of a liability when pissed, though (Fenino crew: shh), so I don’t really worry about it.

Can’t handle much more than that these days, I barely drink any more.


I used to be able to drink pints literally all day and be fine

not exactly a two can dan these days but nowhere near my previous form


fuck man. this is 30% impressive, 70% not great


bout four pints these days. wont really do anything stupid but will definitely wake up with a bad case of shittalkers remorse and probably wake up trying not to vom if i have more.




I can drink quite a lot of beer and be fine tbh, could probably go to about 8 pints over a 4 hour period and still be there

give me a glass of wine and its game over though


Five is definitely the point where I go from loquacious, intelligent and charming Dr 29 into stumbling buffoon with no idea how I got home.


Sunday I was suffering the first proper hangover I’ve had in a long time, but I’d been drinking all afternoon and up to 3am, mostly beers but various other shit thrown in.

Reckon four pints is when everything becomes very dubious.


no no


no no no no


Alright 2unlimited


No no no no


you RUINED it!!!:frowning2:


you strike me as quite a morose drinker. would that be right?


It wasn’t big or clever but i was in the park for 12 hours. Woke up fully clothed on the sofa with an unopened dominos on my chest on tuesday morning.