What's your local council like?

It’s the last day to register to vote for the local elections coming up. I just did it because I moved recently so thought it was worth doing.

Just checked my local council - 53 Labour councillors, and a mighty opposition made up of a single Green.


Not sure how many are centrist and how many are Corbynites though, need to do some homework. I know there’s lots of kind of gross shit been going on with the mayor and property developments, especially round Milwall’s redevelopment.



Dunno, but recently a Labour person knocked on our door and we were like “dw, we’ll vote 4 u”


Time to go out and change it, Kermy!

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I live in a green stronghold.

They’re aiming to be gas-free by 2050.

not that helpful imo. sure you want to know who the raving john woodcocks and the conniving Chuka Ummunas are, but beyond that is damaging factionalism.

Got to love a good rhyming slogan.

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Up till last month the Tories had a majority of 1 and have been in control for 12 years. Last month they decided not to reselect 3 long standing councillors and one of them resigned the whip leaving us in NOC until next month’s election.

Based on the swing last year in the general election, you’d expect Labour to win, and they’ve been throwing the heavyweights at it; pretty much every week there’s a senior MP or two campaigning. Registered to vote for the 7th time since moving in yesterday just in case… still not convinced I’m going to be on the electoral roll come poling day. Scratch that last comment… Labour narrowly won all three seats in my current ward last time around.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. 43 Conservative councillors, 3 Lib Dem, and 2 Labour. Depressing.

25 Tory and 20 Lib Dem.

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They’re pretty decent, tbf. Almost totally Labour, apart from a few Tories up in Chingford, who do their best to drag the borough backwards.

Very good on active travel stuff in the face of lots of opposition (including from the Greens and LibDems!). They’re a bit too cosy with housing developers, and they’re not brilliant regarding turfing out social housing tenants, but nowhere near the level of other London boroughs.

There haven’t been the mass resignations that other Labour councils have seen, as few of the councillors have been quite as bad in terms of being anti-leadership and selling off council estates to developers.

We’re back to being Labour after a disastrous few years of Green, when our recycling levels fell rather than went up and there was strike after strike. The local branch of momentum seem to be doing their best to oust everyone who doesn’t wholly agree with their views though, with the current leader having said that he won’t re-stand after the next elections :confused:

Very Tory

The political composition of the Council is currently: 61 Conservative, 9 Liberal Democrats, 9 Residents’ Associations/Independents, 1 Labour and 1 Green. There are 81 county councillors in total.

My local Councillor is Liberal Demorcrat, who I vote for, as he is really good and also to keep the Tories out.

  • Labour - 58
  • Conservative - 19
  • Liberal Democrat - 9
  • Morley Borough Independents - 5
  • Green Party - 3
  • Garforth and Swillington Independent Group - 2
  • East Leeds Independent Group – 2
  • Independent - 1

Surprised at all the independents tbh

Not that unusual if they’re representing a single interest or something.

I’m slightly obsessed with lower-level council drama, a hangover from my days covering town / parish councils when I worked on a paper. I’ve been keeping up with the scandals at Ongar Town Council, which has been ROCKED by a mass resignation driven by the infiltration of the Ongar Residents Association:

completely inept and corrupt

Wish I could be Gas Free by 2050.


Please just ignore me today I do not know what I am doing



The most recent was held in May 2014 and there are currently 41 Labour members and 22 Conservatives.

Not sure those totals were changed with the results of bi-elections. I presume so.

I live in the Labour stronghold of the south – the bit that borders Haringey council. The blues are concentrated in the reasonably comfortable neighbourhoods of Southgate and Winchmore Hill.


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I need to register then being in the comfy blue area.