What's your monopoly token?

  • Dog
  • Ship
  • Car
  • Hat
  • Thimble
  • Boot
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Iron (older boxes)
  • Cat (new boxes)

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And your strategy? I always try to buy out the mid range areas and the train stations. Love monopoly


Woah woah woah, hold on just one minute, “token” !?!?!?!?!?!?!?


What do you call it??




It’s totem innit


The fuck is this!?


Do we have to do a new poll

  • Token
  • Piece

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Sorry, never heard of it.


Should have tagged this no chat


Strategy: buy everything I land on if I can.


Boot, the marching tool of the proletariat thunders on.
Strategy: Muddy the waters. Deals towards co-operation, fully functioning socialism, and a sustainable system whereby we’re all wealthy enough to land wherever we please and are not at the mercy of the police or community chest.


Monopoly house rules poll:

  • No one can buy property on first trip around the board
  • What is this bullshit? You can buy straight away

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My family almost certainly play it “wrong”, the really long way that nobody ever wins doing and everyone ends up arguing (which I feel is the real quiz anyway but still)


Monopoly house rules poll 2:

  • Money from Chance / Community cards goes into a central pool, awarded to whoever lands on Free Parking next
  • That’s absolute madness, you loon.

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I played team monopoly (about 5 pairs) with my housemates at uni once it had the worst monopoly arguments I’ve ever seen


I’m not even on waddingtonsbook


Everyone I play with seems to put all the taxes and similar bills in the middle and whoever lands on Free Parking gets them.

As for pieces/tokens I had no idea they’d brought in so many and done so many changes. 30 years ago it was

@zxcvbnm and @NoahVale should back me up here…


Yeah I’ve still got that old version at Ruffers HQ.
Has takeaway orders written on the box in my dead grandad’s scrawl so it’s a bit oooh spooky.
Fuck playing with a cat piece ffs.


Always the ship, given that it looks like a WWI-era Dreadnought. Does it still look like that?

Also, going by the above polls I wouldn’t mind playing a game of Monopoly with Rufferz. Has the right idea about the rules that man.