What's your most enduring creation?

OK this is inspired by a post I made in the Ikea thread a few days ago. I noticed, doing a random trawl of the internet, that a kitchen I built quite a long time ago still appears to be basically intact. A bit later I realised that if it’s not demolished fairly soon then it will be the case that when I put it together I was unknowingly creating something that realistically could last for more than half of the rest of my life.

So my question is: what thing have you made that you think will stand the test of time the longest. Anything that you can be confident will outlast you? Anything significant that you think will outlast you? Anything you made deliberately intending to be “a legacy” or to “stand the test of time”. Or just some horrible vase you made when you were at primary school that you don’t seem to be able to lose or break?

Obviously some of you will cling to the possibility that in today’s hellscape your kids might outlive you, but if that’s the answer then you’d better find a way of making it sound interesting. I’m more keen to hear about a novelty teaspoon you made that you reckon would survive a direct nuclear strike.

I helped to build a dry stone wall that will hopefully be there for hundreds of years. :+1:


Got any pics?

I’m just looking on the internet… should be able to find one

Think this nails another key interesting distinction: things you make knowing they’re meant to last and things you make that you’d never dream would last (ie my crapy Ikea kitchen)


Probably the crocodiles tbh


Extension on my old family home will last a while I reckon. Similarly there’s a bunch of walls on my parent’s new place that I slung up

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I accidentally dropped a tin of paint on the high street about seven years ago (dulux nigerian sand) which i thought would be my enduring legacy, would look at the big blob of paint with a strange sort of affection every time i went past but then someone else dropped paint on top of it


Just after you made them did you see that they were good?

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I drew a little picture of a willy in a secret place only I and a small number of other people know about in the CIS tower and that’s a listed building so

oh probably also a little picture of a ghost I drew in a church bible when I was in school. It’s blasphemous to destroy a bible so they’ll have to just leave it

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I’ve contributed nothing to the world but my old job had loads of these; every test web page was hosted under stellatest after an old web manager from a decade ago, and someone in roughly 2004 had hard coded the CMS to say “fraggles” instead of “content fragments”.

My mums not very good at throwing stuff away so my parents have probably got a loft full of my childhood drawings that’ll probably be there until I have to clear out their house

I don’t know tbh. My primary school had the idea to get us all to make clay tiles that they fired in a kiln and used to tile a small bit of wall next to the main door. That might still be there. I wasn’t sure mine was ever up there though as in the time between them being made and them going on the wall, I’d forgotten what it looked like.

I reckon the bar I built in my back garden during lockdown has a good few years in it yet.




My mum’s a bit of a hoarder so could be anything really - can’t remember anything I’ve contributed to building except all the buildable furniture in my flat.

I did go on a glass blowing course about 10 years back and made 2 giant, technically quite good so don’t want to chuck them, glass baubles that I’ve never ever had any use/place for so they live in a cupboard and i pray they’ll smash.

Have broken everything else in my kitchen but noooooo, not those guys.

Absolutely nothing,

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I’ve directly engineered thing that should last for 50 years. In the case of the recent work, they should stand for 100 years. My name will be on their engineering documents as the engineer for long after am I gone, and well into the deaths of my then grand children.


My handsome son

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