What's your most successful thread?

A generous man, you are

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Fucking hell, don’t make me get the Yoda picture out again!


Managed to do the wrong screenshot, but the original point still applies:

just over 400 threads to get into the top10

puts jordan’s efforts into perspective

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Never had one. Never will


Getting one of these in after 13 years of posting


my entire thread starting history:


reckon 2020 could be the year to add number 4 to the list :crossed_fingers:

Dear God

Woah Maosm is really getting up there

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This absolute fucking banger

Balonz is smashing the likes given / received ratio in marckee’s absence.

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General Election
Tour de France
Tour de France

fuuuuuucking hell

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bike mountain wind_face robot fr syringe


It’s my scatter cushions thread for me. Pretty sure I started at least one politics thread under my old username but the past is in the past. I’ve also apparently started a thread called Honorary Sean Connery which I don’t remember. Fun times.

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just 33 threads started, but what bangers eh

Home of my most popular post.

My most successful one was last year’s Gaming thread but it was renamed and I don’t feel it is really mine.

Still proud of the Rick Stein episode thread title.

good top link there

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I’ve been quite free with them recently. Would you like one?