What's your most used Instagram filter?



Lo-Fi for me Clive, makes colours look richer.


Don’t use any of the filters. Just up all the settings separately where needed.


Hardly ever use filters, tend to use the edit function instead. Back before that, Lo-Fi, Clarendon or x-pro II depending.


No professionals.









FUCK :smiley:


have we rebooted the dubious badges of honour thread yet?


Nah that’s bollocks, I’d say since adding the function most people who use it regularly will do it this way


oh of course i could NEVER use an instagram filter, i only use the manual adjustments


Guys, I’m not on Instagram.


using filters would conflict too much with my personal brand


obviously as I said above, I did before they added the manual edit, but if you really want to criticise me/a huge number of instagram users in that way, you should be talking about those of us who use VCSO to edit photos first, before loading them in, and have even created our own reusable presets for different lighting and subjects…


Lemme just take a n00d and see which I prefer


It’s always the same changes I make as well, increase: lux, brightness, contrast, saturation (sometimes), vignette always maxed out. Occasionally I decrease the brightness innit.


Just going to assign people filters who aren’t on Instagram. You’re definitely an Amaro man @marckee, amiritelads?!



it’s tricky because 90% of settings make my body hair look like matte-black thick fur


I find subconciously that I change the filters to suit the seasons. I’ll admit I’ll edit once I’ve picked a filter but my Winter 1 and 2 posts are a lot darker than my Summer images (I’m not referring to outside photography here).