What's your PDF viewer?

Adobe was king in the company for so long, was so used to it. Then abrupt overnight switch to Kofax and its doing my head in!

Anyone use anything else besides adobe?

Kofax? We use some of their software although I’m unclear if the company AIA rebranded or Kofax bought them out, but it’s something that automatically creates documents (e.g. Word documents) based on a template, drawing in data from a database (e.g. our software).

Anyway, I guess it makes sense they have a PDF viewer but I’ve not seen it. Maybe your company has started using their other software so it’s become a default bundled item?

On my Win 10 laptop it wants you to use Edge as your default PDF viewer which is a bit rubbish.

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These bastards. HATE it.

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Adobe is the only one that exists


Thats what I thought, now world flipped upside down, fml.

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don’t even know how to combine files on this thing. Terrible.

I think either my laptop or my phone have some esoteric options, going to bed but I’ll catch you in the morning for more on this story as it develops

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Can you do that in the free Adobe reader? Or did your company pay for the full package?

Adobe, gone erased! Nothing. Overnight switch company e-mail at 7PM, the AUDACITY!

Going to be up all night trying to figure this shit out, hate my life.

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We use something called PDF Xchange which sounds like a Tony Hawk game from the 1990s.

I like to call it “crosschange” like its a fighting game cross over.

It’s dogshit.


How ironic.

I use Acrobat, because…PDFs.

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I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things like a social status
I just want four walls and Adobe PDF Viewer for @NeilYoung


We use Adobe reader, and also have an acrobat license in the office.

At the last place I worked, we used eCopy, which is now known as Kofax, I think.

On my phone its adobe/Google docs, on my laptop its strictly chrome, I have to read loads of academic journals and chrome is definitely superior for this

Foxit is the most based PDF viewer imo, I will never use another

Mostly Adobe. Sometimes one of the web browsers

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Isn’t ‘based’ about being yourself and giving no fucks?

Whats the deal with those non-searchable PDFs?

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I use it to mean ‘good or very good’