What's Your Philosophy With Battery Life?

So I’m the sort of person who’s like “I’m near a power supply, better plug my phone etc. in so that shit is 100% and I’m safe.” however my TV is more like “Oh, my phone has 3% charge, I’d better plug it in”. I find her approach to life frankly terrifying and optimistic to the extreme.

Literally got 6 things plugged in at my desk right now some of them weren’t even uncharged, but you NEVER KNOW so I’ve got that shit all full powered.

What kind of battery life do you live?

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Only charge phone overnight really, usually about 40% when I plug it in. Very rarely gets below 20%. Would carry a power pack if I thought I was gonna run out of battery

Constantly plugged in at work

Depends on the life cycle stage of the phone, when it’s new can confidently charge it over night knowing it will last until the next evening, after a year have to constantly keep it plugged in at work, can see the battery depleting as I type

My phone is constantly plugged in unless I am going somewhere

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Didn’t have you down as such a loose cannon

let it run down then when its about 5% think for fucks sake better charge - and that’s only because of the annoying messages. Mainly just charge overnight.

I use my phone more as a walkman though, so not bothered about it really.

Saying that, were i away and woke up with 5% or something it would be horrible,

Plug it in if it gets below about 70% and I’m near a charger. Otherwise I’l leave it, should last to the end of the day and I’ll charge it overnight.

Does charging it when not depleted affect the battery capacity?

Phone charges so quickly that I only need to briefly charge it whenever there’s a chance.

Tablet gets charged overnight every few days.

Various wireless things get charged the day before I’m travelling or whatever.

I feel like those who just let it go flat aren’t accounting for sudden and unexpected changes of plans which may require an elongated amount of time away from a charger.

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I know this used to be the case, but I don’t know if that applies to modern batteries.

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I have two (2) portable chargers for days when I am out and about and unable to be near a plug

I use the ciggy lighter thing in my car.

Leave it until the last drop. Live a little on the edge.

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Don’t charge anything overnight any more. Do most of my phone charging in work.

I’ve got one, but am definitely considering joining the 2 brigade.

Charge it overnight, cheers mate. Although my wife will switch it off at some stage because she is scared of electricity.

Saving on electricity costs? This seems downright irresponsible.