What's your posts per day average then?

10,100 posts
504 days visited

Average of 20.04 ppd. Is that high or low? Not sure really.

I don’t even want to know. Waste so much time on here with you lovely people


I’d quite like to see a wordle thing of all my posts.

934 days visited and 2.9k posts so just over 3 per day/visit

I wonder if this reflects our personalities because I do get labelled as a bit of an outsider / social butterfly in the real world too

11.300 posts
936 days visited

12 ppd

Maybe, I do talk too much.

Mine is 25ppd (half about doping I suspect), but I’m not giving out ratios.

18,300 posts :scream:
738 days visited


is there a way to see which user has the most posts ever?

That’s surprisingly low no offence.

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Probably. One of the prefects will know.

some taken

have posted much more in the last six months, which has a fair amount of correlation with when I lost interest in work…

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22k posts 1k visits so 22 posts/day

Feel like I’ve said a lot more than that?

675 posts and 246 days visited, so around 2.75 posts a day…Guess I’m more of a lurker!

Yeah same, and much more the last couple of months now the work wifi extends to the toilets.


What a sad little life Jane.


:joy::joy: Couldn’t be more fitting

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We all feel like you’ve said a lot more than that.

:clap::clap::clap: :roll_eyes:

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7 per day. I focus on very high quality content. This one doesn’t count