What's your project at the mo? (Redux)


If you posted in this thread: http://drownedinsound.com/community/boards/social/4474290
Then please update us on your progress.

If not, tell us what ya got going on.


I’m doing one on dinosaurs. Cutting them out from magazines, writing a few word on each below, that sort of thing. Fill a folder and hope everyone likes it!


I am still working on my crochet blanket. It’s about the width of a double bed but only about 2 foot in length at the moment so I have a lot of work to do.

i need to make my friend a cat tipi for Christmas or her birthday in Jan.


Playing PS4 and watching wrestling

I’m 37

No regrets


Looking at mine:

“Well I’m working on some interesting freelance stuff” - don’t even know what that was, distinct lack of freelance work going on right now.

“still learning Spanish and Swedish” - ON HOLD (but I already speak Spanish to an ok level)

“setting up a group for reluctant mums like myself” - now I’m setting up a group for freelance mums where we can work together in small groups and one mum per hour or something is on baby care duty, then we rotate it, means no need for childcare and the opportunity to co-work and see adults without it being at a baby play group.

“working on a big arts project to make an alternative tourist office sometime later in the year” - yep, still ongoing

“impatiently waiting for next week when the MA I want to do is officially announced” - 2 months into said MA.

“having a baby next month” - succeeded (y)

“I have to write a book by July” - deadline extended to end of the year (so naturally haven’t done a thing yet)

I’m currently trying to find an hour to myself to write some pitches to a local paper that pay ok but have ZERO ideas. I’m running street art tours about once a week at the moment too. I’m also knitting a giant blanket and learning mandolin.


Still my beer blog. I have a 2/3 chance of Dave from the Hairy Bikers giving me a cheque for it. Great success :+1:


How’s your home-brew going?


How big we talking?


Brilliant idea Scouters. Hope it works out!


Can we have a link?


There’s three finalists in my category, runner-up gets £500, winner gets a cool grand.


Unpacking boxes and making flat-pack furniture,

Still ongoing

Then it’ll be restoring the couch we bought off eBay,

Yet to do. Think we’ve planned it all out and I’m targeting the week between Christmas and New Year

Then it’ll be sorting out the back garden,

Yet to do. Kind of know what we want to do now though.

Then it’ll be putting together a container pond for the patio.

Not too sure about this one. Kind of gone off the idea a bit.

Training for a half marathon.

I did the half marathon (and another one), and am now training for a full marathon


I completed my project within the lifetime of that thread. I currently don’t really have one apart from vague ambitions of speedrunning Bloodborne. This doesn’t feel hugely worthwhile though… Have had no time recently to get outdoors to climb so lacking any concrete projects on that front.


yours was putting up a handrail and raising a human

that’s really cool


My very very amateur recordings, most recent is a twin peaksy type thing, previous one inspired by the sad music from neighbours, the oldest one a burton/elfman type thing bit.ly/2fBt2TR


Oh yeah. You can tick those two off for me.


Not done it for a few months. My brewing partner started doing crack, long story!
He’s getting better now so will try and pick it up again in the new year.


mine was:

[quote]i’m recording an album
i’ve done all the drums, bass and guitars now. still gotta do all the piano, synths, strings and vocals. then gotta mix it all and do the artwork and have it mastered and fffffuuuuuu[/quote]

album’s out on dec 3rd, still working on the artwork though :expressionless:


It’s a slippery slope.


can we see a pic of the handrail? don’t care about the human