What's your resting heart rate?


just measured mine at 80 (counted 20 over 15 seconds)


Between 42 and 51 generally.



(take your resting heart rate when you’re laying in bed, but awake)






7 day average is 50!


can someone else who’s unfit please post in this thread? jeez


no idea


80 is fine!


just checked at my desk and it’s 58, so probably a tiny bit lower than that at full rest


Don’t know, it was double a colleagues at work when we tested it on some gadget


I wear a Fitbit so track my resting rate daily. This is what my hr does every month. Couldn’t believe it when I first saw it.


Wait, your resting heart rate peaks during the middle of the month?


No eye, dear


Yup. There’s an obvious explanation.


Just checked mine and it’s about 80 right now too. Do not cross me in the next few days.


I didn’t realise it would be by nearly 20bpm though!.


*lying in bed. Thought your English was better than that, TBH.


I know, it’s pretty mental that all these years I’ve had no idea and not even noticed. i wonder if it has significant implications for professional female athletes.


If I could measure it I’d tell you.