What's your sign / Rising sign?

Born on the dividing day between two signs so all my life no-one’s been able to agree on which one I am.

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But what is the date you were born? That’s your dominant sign. Then the cusp can mean traits from both

Fuck this, I’m out!

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NV has never opened a gate he couldn’t jump over instead. Calls his food nosebag, without irony.


I’m sure we had this exact thread with these exact jokes about three months ago


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Or an actress. Scorpio Rising - IMDb

What a career

It means you always keep one foot on the floor, otherwise it’s a foul stroke.

Probably others under a different name, plus the ones IMDB doesn’t list.

This time I checked my horoscope report before replying.

Am I a Tory then? :anguished:

‘Exact thread’ mate this is about rising signs, that’s about sun signs. Pretty fucking embarrassing for you tbh

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@TheBarbieMovie2023 @kermitwormit


Yesssss!! Thank you :kissing_heart: xx

I don’t understand the moon rising and ascendant stuff.
How do you find that out?
I’m :crab:

Sagittarius, Libra rising. Apparently that makes me pretty, pretty cool

I’ve always noticed some date variance on different horoscopes and stuff in the past. I’m always Aries but sometimes I am the last day of Aries and sometimes there a couple more days of Aries after me. If I was born a day later I wouldn’t be sure which one I’m supposed to be. Just checked wikipedia and even that gives two different answers, between the opening paragraph and the table bit


anyone used that app the Pattern? that shit is absolutely spooktastic

I haven’t but Co-Star freaks my nut out

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