What's your sign / Rising sign?

Disturbance Peace Frog :smiley:

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That band name is still available. Just saying …

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“you do believe in the crystal skulls though, don’t you Mark?”

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Bad Moon Rising

No-one can agree on what fucking star sign I am so what is this extra bullshit?

U wot

Born on the dividing day between two signs so all my life no-one’s been able to agree on which one I am.

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But what is the date you were born? That’s your dominant sign. Then the cusp can mean traits from both

Fuck this, I’m out!

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NV has never opened a gate he couldn’t jump over instead. Calls his food nosebag, without irony.


I’m sure we had this exact thread with these exact jokes about three months ago


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Or an actress. Scorpio Rising - IMDb

What a career

It means you always keep one foot on the floor, otherwise it’s a foul stroke.

Probably others under a different name, plus the ones IMDB doesn’t list.

This time I checked my horoscope report before replying.

Am I a Tory then? :anguished:

‘Exact thread’ mate this is about rising signs, that’s about sun signs. Pretty fucking embarrassing for you tbh

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