What's your sign / Rising sign?

Yesssss!! Thank you :kissing_heart: xx

I don’t understand the moon rising and ascendant stuff.
How do you find that out?
I’m :crab:

Sagittarius, Libra rising. Apparently that makes me pretty, pretty cool

I’ve always noticed some date variance on different horoscopes and stuff in the past. I’m always Aries but sometimes I am the last day of Aries and sometimes there a couple more days of Aries after me. If I was born a day later I wouldn’t be sure which one I’m supposed to be. Just checked wikipedia and even that gives two different answers, between the opening paragraph and the table bit


anyone used that app the Pattern? that shit is absolutely spooktastic

I haven’t but Co-Star freaks my nut out

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Co star/the pattern or a website, with your time and location of birth.

I appear to be Gemini with Gemini rising

People with Gemini rising tend to be friendly, communicative, flexible, indecisive, unsure, liking to do two or more things at once, witty, clever, very active mentally, high-strung, temperamental, nervous or anxious, talkative, superficial, and always ready for something different. There may be two distinct sides to you as Gemini represents the Twins. You have a strong need to communicate what you already know and to learn more. You enjoy reading and traveling as they both give plenty of scope for picking up new knowledge. You need variety and can be the jack of all trades and the master of none. You tend to go wide — for breadth, not depth. You may appear confident, but you can lack self-confidence and inner sureness. You love to talk, both with your mouth as well as your hands. Spiritual lesson to learn: Control (learn to control and not scatter energies and to prioritize). Mercury rules Gemini so Mercury will be important in your chart.

Got this CD signed at an instore gig in the Virgin Megastore in Kingston on a school lunch break. Only bothered buying it when I saw it had an MBV remix on it :+1:

(Not on astrology book)

Had a look at my tarot for this year: