What's your "signature dish"?

Just one rule: if somebody else has claimed your signature dish, you must either pick another OR put a case forward explaining why your effort is the definitive version.

Mine is “salmon ratatouille”. Bed of turmeric rice…on top of that finely-chopped ratatouille… above that 2 grilled salmon fillets with lemon.

It’s not a particularly complicated dish, though.


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Covering a few bases there, Ant

Pretty easy, but paella





A good paella is :ok_hand: (not racist) though. You may have some competitors

I make a lasagne which would blow your mind

That carbonara recipe I posted a while back.

I’ve got two:

Lunch: Smoked mackerel and cheese toasties

Tea: Chilli chicken lasagne

Macaroni cheese with smoked salmon
Jerk chicken
Thai prawn curry

Surely just blanket “paella” is too broad? Like claiming curry.

If my appeal goes through then I’m claiming Valencian Paella but with tofu. Otherwise I’m going with chana masala

First meal I made for my now wife was burnt lasagne.

Not allowed to make it even now.


If it’s chips instead of pasta sheets, we’ve already discussed it.

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think it might be my chili (both meat and vegan versions)

fish finger sandwich

Mate… The crispy bit of pasta around the edges at the top of the lasagne is the best bit

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Might as well eat it raw out of the packet then.


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Baked cheesecake