What's your skincare routine?

No judgements, just a poll.

  • Don’t have one m8
  • Just use a basic face wash scrub type thing
  • Use several products. Always exfoliate and moisturise properly, etc.
  • Use numerous products made by shaman in remote parts of the world at great expense
  • Other

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I’ve started using that apricot scrub type stuff coz microbeads are bad for the planet and will be banned soon, if not already? The tv says she thinks that stuff is like rubbing rocks on your face but it’s one of the only things that works for me I’ve found.

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I have dry skin particularly from shaving but get a greasy ol forehead.

Just use a basic ‘ACTIVATE YOUR FACE’ type thing in the shower. Moisturise sometimes, though it often leaves me all greasy and spotty.

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Using a charcoal face wash and then some nice moisturiser.

a mixture of b and c

Acne gel every evening :disappointed: (though I didn’t use it during my recent holiday and… zero spots? Maybe I am acne-free for probably the first time in 20 years now? omg)

Aqueous cream in the shower every morning.

The occasional face wipe if I’m feeling a bit greasy.

That’s it.

What’s a good facewash that has bits in it, that aren’t those microbeads?


  • don’t use them
  • probably still use them
  • dunno what a microbead is, pal

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piping hot take incoming
Bunch of placebos that gradually make your skin worse and therefore dependant on them


You can make your own with oats

I use dermalogica daily microfoliant

this one works for me. the sensitive one is a bit less gravel-like

check your skin type privilege, man!

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it’s rice based

Don’t get me wrong people look great with whatever skin they’re born with, just don’t think these products do any good (and sometimes only function to partially repair damage they themselves do)

elaina :heart_eyes:

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I just wash my face every morning with whatever vaguely anti zit face wash is on special and doesn’t contain the old beads

I regret my long term bead based wash usage - I didn’t know fishes, I didn’t know!

Fully agree with this, products designed to make people dependent on them innit.

Fully with you. I have this theory about Clearasil – they’ve basically got the teenage market at their beck and call for a few years, and I reckon it makes their skin worse.

hardly anyone did, don’t feel bad. as long as you’ve rectified it now!

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also, if you’ve got acne, you’re way better off going to the doctor about it imho

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You’re not going to like hearing this ezzer but I have a seperate routine after I’ve been for a long cycle :smirk:

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Is it a long hard cry in the shower?