What's your standard order from the chinese?


Salt and pepper chicken, fried rice and a carton of OK sauce for me


all the food.


beef in black bean sauce
egg fried rice
spring rolls


Never get chinese. Don’t think i’ve ordered a chinese take away in about 8 years?


Not had one for so long, erm… something with chicken and noodles probs and some veg side with black bean sauce maybe. I dunno.


Always duck


There’s a chinese takeaway in Hackney central called Happy Ending

Apparently the special sauce is to die for


Why? What have you heard?


Between two of us we usually have:

Crispy shredded chilli beef
Chicken and garlic sauce
Chicken chow mein
(Sometimes a portion of chips and curry sauce too if feeling particularly piggy)




Chinese Buffet Takeaway:

  • Sui mai
  • mini spring rolls
  • crispy squid
  • mushrooms
  • satay sauce
    All bunged into one box

If it’s a regular takeaway:

  • Kung Po king prawn
  • mushroom chow mien
  • prawn crackers
  • egg fried rice


Always get desperately sad when a dining partner declines a set menu. They’re better value money by a long way


Don’t really bother with Chinese but if you forced me and I’m not sure why you would I’d go for crispy aromatic duck.


Yeah but who wants beef in black bean sauce or lemon chicken?


Depends. The Chinese across the road is fucking gash but, y’know, it’s right across the road, so… normally just get chicken fried rice from there and steal as many of the gf’s sweet and sour chicken balls as I can get away with.

At the really good Chinese place down the road, house special chicken stir fry and egg fried rice.

I had beef in mandarin sauce at the weekend and it was delicious, so that might become the new standard.


Chicken curry, no veg, chips. Lemon chicken, no onion, friend rice. Bag of prawny cs.

We are a simple house.


Special fried rice and prawn toast from my local ones. Gave up on the majority of things with sauce ages ago - can’t find anywhere here that doesn’t just serve a sugary gloopy mess for any sauce-based dish. I have no doubt any one of their chefs could cook a Chinese dish better than anything I could come up with if they wanted to but my own cooking > the stuff they actually sell.


i’ll take those, thanks.



Chinese takeaways could do with a few more viable vegetable dishes imho


Vegetable dish, no veg, chips. And prawn crackers.