What's your standard order from the chinese?

Half rice, half chips :thinking:

the mind boggles

“If you can’t handle me at my chips, then you don’t deserve me at my rice.”


'Sake, I’m gonna end up getting a Chinese later aren’t I?

Thanks a lot, DiS. I’m trying to diet here!

  • Salt and pepper chips
  • Normal chips

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That’s Japanese m8

  • Order chips
  • Secretly hope my dining companion orders them so I can nick a few
  • No chips

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chicken satay
crispy duck
sometimes something else as well, but I won’t eat it until the next day. why would I if I had chicken satay and crispy duck

Not really a fan, and haven’t had a Chinese takeaway in yonks. But I’d probably have (when sharing)…

Duck pancakes
Crispy fried shredded beef
Beef black bean sauce
House fried rice/Singapore noodles

When bladdered after a session down the pub:

House fried rice
Chips and curry sauce

I am unfamiliar with this distinction, are salt and pepper chips just… chips with seasoning? so normal chips

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Nah, they’re done in the same stuff as salt and pepper squid, so crisped up and topped with loads of garlic, chilli and onion. Filthy and tasty


I have never seen these nor had these but I would like to eat one or several.

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Had a Chinese from a place near my GF brothers place and had a fucking delicious braised pork and spicy aubergine curry.

Might take a lil detour after my meeting in a couple of hours into chinatown to go to good friend chicken (bigbe chicken) and have some chinese fried chicken

Thank you for asking first! Already admitted today that I didn’t know what potato cakes were. Sound delicious tbh.

Never heard of this dish, just looked it up and since I’ve loads of 'cumbers in the fridge, I’m gonna give it a whirl! Dis expands my mind yet again


There’s no way I’m Googling that. It’s going to be goatse or something.


My nan loves lemon chicken.

It’s so grim.

I’m gonna assume Hunan style is a type of kung fu. You have to hit those cucumbers in a very particular manner or it’s just regular old smacked cucumbers. And who wants that?

Bit racist mate.

So…just the sauce then?