What's your standard order from the chinese?

Tell me you got that from google and it’s not just super fast paint skills

I’d really, really like to claim the paint skills to knock that up in 2 minutes/ever. But no.

Duck in Szechuan Sauce
Singapore Vermicelli Noodles
Prawn Crackers
Spring Rolls or Ribs to start depending on hunger levels.

special chow mein or chicken chow mein if the gaff looks dodgy
prawn toast
mini spring rolls
prawn crackers if not included

Hot and sour critical seaweed
Tepid beef with poked water chestnuts
Embarrassed vermicelli
Fractured prawn crackers


TBH I was doing to do it about film director McG, but I cba to look up any of the shit he’d done on IMDb.

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Dark soy instead of light but nice and tasty, cheers @HotBeefTrauma!

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I preferred their goth rock phase to their earlier acapella stuff

Mad that an innocuous thread I started led to that being made.

Wonder if this is how Jordan Peterson started? Gonna get me some that incel money :yen:

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Roast pork chow mein for me, then a mix of either smoked shredded chicken, crispy chilli beef, seaweed or bbq ribs to share

*salt and chilli chips

exactly this

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Steamed dumplings, deep fried chilli tofu, spicy vermicelli, garlic broccoli / pak choi

I don’t like Chinese. It’s always overly salty or sweet and sticky. Aware I’m probably going to the wrong places, and there’s probably better but cba getting into a whole new cuisine at my age. Live and let live

Must admit I’m slightly baffled why people claiming never to eat or order from a Chinese are reading, never mind contributing to, the ‘what do you order from the Chinese’ thread.

It’s dis, it’s what we do

chinese? never even heard of it m8