What's your Star Wars name?


For your first name:
Take the first three letters of your real surname and the first two letters of your real forename
eg. Sean Adams = Adase

For your surname:
Take the first two letters of your mum’s name and then the first three letters of the town you were born in.

Or just make one up, I don’t care.


It’s Overratedchildrens Movie
Or just Overratedchil to my mates


My name is Ckevin fu
My mum is Ofelia
I was born fm8ton.


*Darth Edgelord


ragnar klavan


Harold Pinter.




Roban Jacro


imagen if star wars movies release in reverse order


Grath Jocam

Town where I was born I have gone with Camden although clearly Hampstead or London could be used.


Epi mer


Braan Anbur

Hmm, kinda works I suppose


Norma Saeas


i apologise wholeheartedly for this post,


Moon Moon


Wriel Enrea


Macro JaBed


Totes Amazeballs



first name is your credit card number, second is your pin number

post them and i’ll translate to binary for you


Surgr Cltor

Needs work :anguished: