What's your step count like?

  • Amazing, better than ever
  • About the same as before lockdown
  • Less than usual
  • Very low
  • Negative numbers

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This is not intended to shame anyone, my step count is low but I have been doing stretching/skipping without my phone aka my pedometer so that doesn’t get counted, or cycling etc. just curious

I’m clocking up fairly good bike stats but jeez the steps are poor

Way down, if anything but still ok. Doing a lot of spinning and upped my other types of exercise - floor work and that. Was gkad I’d stopped updating my step spreadsheet before all of this.

First thing I did after lockdown was to fuck my Garmin watch off into a drawer. CBA. Not exactly sedantary.

Don’t know what it was before :person_shrugging:

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Steps were overrated.


Doing ok.


Averaging about 12,000, sometimes up to 17k-ish depending on what I’m doing at work. Same as it ever was.

12,000 today. Probably do 10,000 on a typical day in or out of lockdown.

My steps are a tragedy.


Only manage about 5678?


5677, the first one’s for sorrow

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Not getting public transport, but work involves onsites so walking more than I have for a while/ever

today, 474 so far, lol

I did ride 100km earlier tho

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Just go for a stomp.

About the same as for a normal work day (8k) as I don’t want to let that drop off. Would regularly have some 12k+ days though if I walked to a cinema or pub after work, definitely not getting any numbers like that lately


still 5.



Normally do my 10000 or thereabouts, would do more but my feet don’t always want to play ball. However yesterday they allowed me to do 20000 and today I’ve done 15000 :blush: I’d walk 5/6 hours a day if my body let me, bloody love it.

On average doing the same as I was before lockdown


I hate to think. Normally walk 6-7k on a work day due to my commute. It’ll be massively below that now.

Yeah, it’s about 2,000 steps now, less than 1,000 if I don’t go out as opposed to 10,000 steps a day pre lockdown.