What's your student loan balance?

Just checked for the first time in years and i have £5k of £12k left.

Considering I graduated in 2006 and have been working pretty much ever since this feels not right


Opened a letter at Christmas. Still owe close to £48k. Money well spent!

£0 and I also got a couple of grand back for payments still being taken once I’d paid it back.


alright, boff


Left with about 8 or 9k’s worth (scholarship, welsh tuition fees paid off for me, etc) but I’d imagine it was worse if anything

I don’t have a student loan AND my bf paid off too much of his and got a hefty payout so if anything i’ve MADE money by not going to Uni


roughly the same as when i graduated 14 years ago I think


-£2000 or thereabouts.

I went to university for three and a half weeks.


Zero :smile:

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N/A never went

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Nothing (thanks Great Aunt Mary, RIP)

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No fucking idea. Loads I expect.


Lived at home during uni, worked a part time job to fund my partying, invested my student loan in a long term ISA thingy and paid it off immediately after graduating. Think I made about 1500-2k profit and used it to go travelling for a month #milleniumstudentpriviledge

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Graduated in 2012 and I currently owe more than I borrowed (something like £26k idk)

Haven’t checked for a while but pretty sure it’s still at like £18k. Fuck.


Paid it off last year.

paid it off about 10 years ago.

around £1k, I’ll be paying it off this year, that’s all i can remember.

Paid it off last month.

Looking forward to the extra £300 a month in my pay