What's your text style, Bro?


You’re planning drinks and inviting a friend. Do you send them something along the lines of Option A or Option B?



  • Option A
  • Option B

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If you answer B - please explain why the hell you do this.


sorry to be that guy but it’s somewhere between the two


i.e. not everything on a different line but a few chunks probably


I’m somewhere between the two with a couple of extra messages at the end correcting typographical errors / instances of autocorrect going reguo and swearing


too much info really. be more like:

“alright chief, beer tonight?”

location and personnel can be discussed later on


Cheers for the invite


My sister does the latter and it’s so fucking annoying, my phone goes off about 74million times a minute


doubt balonz will come tbh


B has more of a sense of drama.


In my