What's your time in the 40?

You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon


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Take it to the NFL thread.

I was gonna start a thread yesterday called “It’s bottom of the ninth”

Definitive ranking of the big North American sports
1 - NFL - actually entertaining and good
2 - NBA - obviously the coolest, Playoffs can be fun. Too many games and too high scoring to be actually good though
3 - NHL - you can’t see what’s happening but it has a lot of violence and it’s fast and has a sensible amount of scoring
4 - MLB - dull sport, racist fans (I assume) , absolute nonsense league structure. Utter shit
5 - NASCAR - even duller sport, even racister fans. Somehow comfortably worse than all other motorsports which are all really shit

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I don’t really care about any of this


You didn’t have to reply ant

Switch NHL and NBA

Like how you haven’t included MLS: good.

Just not sure why it was a reply to me, felt an obligation to respond as a result

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Football is obviously the best sport but it is global so doesn’t really fit into the list

Fuck off


yeah like tennis. they score ALL THE TIME. make it harder you shit sport twats.

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Ok! See you!

like I say: good

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Tennis is dreadful

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NBA is better than NFL

  • Less racist
  • Fewer brain injuries
  • Better run league
  • Empowered players
  • No Cleveland Browns
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All of this is objectively true but American football is definitely the better sport to watch

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American football highlights: fun and interesting
American football in real time: heat-death of the universe

bit boring innit. too many v tall people also.

And it looks like everyone is travelling at all times (when attempting to score) to my untrained eye.