What's Your Top 3?: Pick n Mix items 🍬

No over-thinking, no spreadsheets, no calculations, just hit me with a top 3 for each topic on instinct alone.

Fizzy cola bottle (maybe normal, maybe the blue and pink one, haven’t decided)
Candy shrimp
Big jelly snake

Sour ribbon
White mice
Candy necklace

Chocolate mice (white, plasticy “chocolate”)
Licorice all sorts
Foam shrimps

A close 4th for me

Foam shrimp
Big jelly bean
Those pink and blue fizzy bottles

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Chocolate mice
Milk teeth (I think that’s what they’re called)
Fizzy cola bottles

Wait. I forgot about the white chocolate buttons with hundreds and thousands on them.


Fizzy strawberry liquorice laces/strips
Giant strawbs (the strawberry shaped jelly ones)
Those strawberry cylinder things with white stuff inside (also the sour version of the same thing)

Come to think of it, I’m not sure why they produce sweets that aren’t strawberry flavour.


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Yellow bonbon
White bonbon
Pink bonbon

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White mice
Fizzy cherry cola bottles
Rhubarb and custard

Ooh might swap chocolate mice for those big strawberries actually

Oh jesus, this is going to be fucking tough. I swear most of my favourites dont exist anymore.

Astro belts
Cola cube
Barley sugar

Foam shrimps
Licourice spogs
Cola cubes

Fun fact: one of the leading suppliers of pick n mix has a name that is very similar to my full name.

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a foam shrimp, do they taste of anything in particular or is the appeal in the texture?

White mice
Fizzy cola bottles
Skull crushers