What's your type of humour

Quite silly, my brother has the exact same sense of humour which is equally dumb. Like this word game we play sometimes based on tv or book characters where you use an adjective relating to the character instead of pink to describe a character’s pink sock, like if it’s game of thrones, like ned’s frozen sock, viserys’ molten sock etc
Also example of a video I find so funny

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Don’t you worry. We may feel deflated from time to time over it but our crew is strong and we are here to big up and support the women until all you pricks leave :wink:


^this is also my sense of humour. Being overly aggressive and making people feel uncomfortable whilst manically laughing until someone tells me off and I run off crying.


packs bags :laughing:

Only @anon19035908 is allowed on new DiS sorry!


:kissing_heart: Just me and all the hot chicks? The plan worked!

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Sexist, should be banned


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Autocorrect changed it to this and I had to manually change it to sexist

The world just loves funky


Sometimes go on reddit/r/cringe

Makes me wonder what’s going on with me when I suddenly have a hankering to go on there

The thing I laughed at most recently was the AI shitposting thread

I like my humour created by machines


I tried to convince the TV the other day that the author of the Lord of the rings was Junior R Tolkien. That sort of thing.

Also the fart tape recorder mentioned above. That sounds absolutely spectacular


ROSCOE: Say Marlon what is YOUR type of humour

MARLON: Hmm tough one probably the H1: released in 1992, this vehicle was designed by American Motors’ AM General subsidiary for the U.S. Military.

ROSCOE: I said HUMOUR not hummer

MARLON: Well my type of humour is hilarious misunderstandings like that one

ROSCOE: My one is I like cartoon violence

ROSCOE dropkicks MARLON out of the plane

by the way they were on a plane


I’ve been called many things in my life. Sexy is not, has not and never will be one of them.

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Bullshit I’ve called you sexy loads


And that’s just me!

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Oh yeah sorry I’ve read your blog, true.

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Oh I need to go to there

Me and a friend take the piss out of each other/insult each other a lot, but then we both worry about having taken it too far so one or both of us will apologise, completely unnecessarily. Probably 50% of our conversations end in apologies and the number of times we’ve actually offended each other is 0 (as far as I know). So I would describe my type of humour as apologetic.

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Had a good Facey B discussion this week about this. (The ‘recent news events’ refer to the Little Britain etc. controversies)