What's your view of?

Not what’s your view on, what’s your view of.

What can you see out of your nearest window at your workplace seat and what can you see from the following windows at your home?

  • Front room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom

For me, I can’t see much more than the White Collar Factory from my desk at work now that it’s been completed.

Front room: A busy ring-road and the housing across the street
Kitchen: Same as front room but a little further to the right
Bedroom: Our “roof terrace” and a selection of back gardens, used to be able to see Canary Wharf but it’s been blocked by a new building now.

My view’s bloody fantastic tbh. Best part of living ten floors up. From my bedroom, most of the City, the skyscrapers and stuff. From the kitchen, most of Dalston and North London, trees and stuff.
At night with the lights off the flat looks like something from blade runner.

Absolutely abhor the term “White Collar Factory” btw, boil it/then in acid.

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How long do you think you could spend looking out of any of your windows before getting fed up and doing something else?

ooh another office

From your kitchen?

Normal seat at work: my colleague sat near me and a bit of outside (Copthall Avenue buildings which are highish up).

Front room: back garden
Kitchen: 3 windows: back garden (x2) and side road (quiet)
Bedroom: both look onto our road (quiet)

Work: a building site, doing some new hotels/luxury apartments/bars type arrangement. Was much more fun when it was a demolition site.

Front room: the communal garden, some houses, 2 churches, a college, a cathedral and the top of the bird enclosure at the zoo.

Kitchen: a multi-storey car park.

Bedroom: the same multi-storey car park from one window, and a street from the other.

How big is your front room window!?

Do any of the birds ever fly to the top of the enclosure?

^Seen things us people wouldn’t believe

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Workplace: another office building identical to ours that’s under construction. It’s actually been pretty interesting seeing all the bits getting put together, but it’s going to be proper weird when there’s another office full of people right across from us

Kitchen: the courtyard where my apartment is, but behind the buildings opposite me, you can see Arthur’s Seat!

Bedroom: train track, some houses behind that

Lot of traffic, human and regular, quite good bird/sunsets/natural scenes too.

3 minutes max.

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Office window: The corrugated steelwork of the staff multi-storey car-park with what looks like a red Toyota Yaris parked next to a Toyota Auris estate (white / silver) on the open-air top floor.

Front Room: Overlooking a dog-bone shaped grassy island with four or five large trees, the narrow sections of the bone used as overflow parking spots and then across to the house on the other side of the road.

Kitchen: Don’t have a kitchen window, but there is a hatch through which you can see the dining room and you are able to view the back garden and woods behind through the French windows at the back of the house. We get a lot of squirrels in the garden, and it’s a real haven for different birds.

Bedroom Same as the front room, only from a more elevated position. Can see a good half a mile or so over the house across the road down Alva Way, watching the traffic heading to and from the bend into By The Wood - At night-time, you can see the light from the local railway station just to the right of Alva Way and just to the right of that, the red lit canopy of the local Esso garage / Tesco Express combo.

Workplace: My boss blowing his nose rn. Out the window - we’re in the basement, so a shitty courtyard full of generators and air conditioning things.

Front Room: front room is upstairs for some stupid reason, so a nice view of the street.

Kitchen: back garden -

Bedroom: look down on this:

Nice of you to invite Theo round


back garden from the front room sounds good

Beautiful posting. Well-formatted, detailed, entertaining. Lovely stuff.

Bedroom - the whole of Stockholm pretty much

Kitchen - the trees, flowers & park of our estate’s inner garden

Living Room - the whole of Stockholm pretty much AND the trees, flowers & park of our estate’s inner garden

work - depends on the assignment

Floor to ceiling along the outward facing wall. It’s essentially a French window, which would be handy if we weren’t on the 4th floor. And yes, I think most of the ornery birds spend their entire day up there to fuck off the paying zoo customers.

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