What's your walking routine? (WYWR)


getting your steps in? trying to get at least 5k steps, 10 on a good day.

got a couple of small parks close by, feel like i’ve walked them both 50 times each the last couple of months. bored shitless of them both. got a nice cemetary which is nice for a walk once in a while, lots of trees. one big park but it’s rammed full of people at all times so tend to avoid.

been on a couple 10mile walks to go a bit further afield if i’m feeling keen. walked up to ally pally once basically run out of places to go now though and feel like i’m stuck in a loop. though

not interested in places you drive to, thanks.

can’t spell

You want to know about my garden walking do ya? Well funny you should ask. Here is a spreadsheet of the laps. A lap is 65 steps.

(this doesn’t count any non-garden walks I go on, or general walking about type shit).

So reckon I did about 20k yesterday (shit haven’t updated yesterday’s fully - should be 280)


Mask on, down street, cross road, round edge of park, back towards home street, go back round it the wrong way, home, wash hands, mask off, wash hands.

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Walk to and from work 5 days a week and move around constantly once there so average about 12-14k steps a day. Like to get out across the cliffs or the beach when I’m off too.


i’m not really, was a proper trek up there so wont be one i do too often. parkland walk is nice though aye.

lovey stuff but do you have a more user friendly version?

Into town once a week (about 2 miles each way)

That’s the only walking I do these days, but I have started jogging. Fucking jogging. :roll_eyes:

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I do 30 minutes of running every other day at the moment. If I’m lucky I get 2000ish steps in during the day otherwise (the 30 mins gets me about 6000 I think) but yeah I don’t get ‘enough’ steps in really.

Just don’t have the time quite often now we’re back in lockdown.

When I was going into the office I occasionally got out a stop early and walked through Melbourne, which is quite a pleasant centre to walk through.

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Love a walk. At work I’m usually on my feet a fair bit, usually 16k steps or so. Always going to get something or whatnot, and usually walk the ~2 miles bit to/from anyway. Do like to get out for a break, always go to get munch in town, and often just have a stroll for an hour in the late-evening. Dog gets walked early am for about 45 minutes though that mainly consists of taking him to a field where he pisses on every single leaf then chases crows while I stand still tweeting.

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The Force A-Walkin’

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Strongly recommend you get on the #walkingsbrilliant scene with former goalkeeper Mark Crossley (@bignorms), on Twitter.

He goes for a big walk, and sings some Shed 7 songs. One of my favourite lockdown accounts.

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Balonz Gardenwalker


Hate to break it to you, but July has 31 days so you’ve got an extra day of walking to do!

Last year I averaged about 11k steps a day, this year barely breaking 10k. Current routine is nursery drop off and pick up (about 1k each way, so 4k altogether). Then a big lunchtime walk to one of two coffee shops, on a long loop, close to 5k. Sometimes round the cemetery instead. Weekends are a free for all.

Was better when I was commuting because it involved a long walk in the morning and a decent stroll at lunch.

Don’t worry the spreadsheet has that covered.

I’ve got two weeks off looking after two kids coming up so it might take a hit then. Well the formal garden walking anyway.

In Hastings I have a few different options depending on laziness:

Walk up in the west hill- 3000 steps
Go to Alexandra park- 6000 steps
Walk along seafront to St Leonard’s- 8/9000 steps
Go to country park- 10000 steps

Been quite obsessed with my step count in this period, usually try and get in 3000 even if I’m feeling rubbish/lazy

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Used to be walking from London Fields to the Olympic Park and back every day. I miss doing that.

what’s stopping you?

The Global Pandemic and the remote working that it has forced on me.

(I was just doing a Vicky Park lap every evening before they closed it down, I need to get back in the habit of doing it again now that it’s reopened)