What's Your Wrestler Name?

The first name is your mother’s maiden name.

The second name is the name of the street you grew up on.

The third name is the name of the first school you went to.

Put them together and that’s your wrestling name!

Post yours as a reply to this thread, and give yourself a memorable four digit number at the end just for fun!


What’s your pornstar name?

Take your Mum’s maiden name.
Take your Mum’s first name.

Et voila.


thinly veiled, give me the answers to your secret security questions, ain’t falling for that one pal!!!11

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Bloggs Fake Hogwarts

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regular haystacks


Woah! Mine comes out as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!


So mine comes out as Data Mining Scam? That’s incredible!!!

McLovely DANGER NO ENTRY Hardknocks?

Mine came out as The Ultimate Warrior.

Apparently someone’s already got that one.

Grandmaster Too Hotty

My friend’s surname is Barr and he’s decided that he’d be called ‘last orders’.
There’s no beating that


ma0sm ma0sm DeFonto

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The Juicer I do believe? 50% Big Daddy, 50% Ultimate Warrior, 100% nutcase.

bill murray

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ma0sm ‘ma0sm’ ma0sm’

Billed weight: 4521

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