Whatsapp groups - Getting stale?

We’re all in whatsapp groups and they get a bit boring from time to time so i’ve started spicing them up a little bit.

This one probably only works in a football based one - I’ve appointed myself referee and another person VAR. Basically any content that’s annoying; old meme’s, duplicate posts, cross posting from different socials results in a yellow, if you get two yellows on the same day you get kicked from the group for 24 hours. Sometimes i’ll give someone a yellow for no real reason and when they complain give them a second for dissent and kick them out.

Really bad unboxing vids - Start posting videos of you unpacking your shopping and going into detail about everything you’ve bought. Don’t explain why you’re doing it and if any one complains just say you’re trying to be nice and share your life. Nipped to tesco on your lunch, quick unbagging vid of your meal deal.

Speak to someone else in the group privately and start sending each other gifts - Then do gushing posts about the gifts and ask why no one else is joining in. Combining this with the unboxing vids works well. I’ve just done a five minute one thanking a mate for some beers and crisps he’s sent me.

Sending voice notes when people can’t listen to them-Everyone at work, or out and about so can’t listen to them? just send voice notes and refuse to type it out when they ask

Any one else got any good ones?


I have most of mine on mute :call_me_hand:


GIF only replies. Forces you to get creative


Did you know she’s married to the guy from The War on Drugs? Only found that out this week.

Yes group names is a good one.

The one where i’m a ref is called - Not Mellow? Get a Yellow
Others include;
Gangsters don’t buy crisp
Lambo club
Someone res Boyce
Gate Britain- We just send pictures of good gates in this one
Joeys shitty duds


How many group chats you in pals?
I have a DND night chat, atd crew, old uni pals, two separate band chats. No work or family groups thankfully. 5 is more than enough.

think i’ve got about 20 various active group chats on the go

No i did not, i’m now jealous of war on drugs man

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My mate butt dials group chat so often I’m starting to suspect he’s doing it on purpose.


Oh another good one is making stickers out of people in the groups pictures and using them as reactions to posts

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It’s in a stupid place i do it all the time

urgh sticker people are the worst. there’s a mum in my son’s football team group chat who only communicates via stickers, to absolutely everything.

maybe this is a tip for your list!

I have one active group chat which is me and two other guys from work. I’ve had two others in the past both of which were for stag weekends and which wound up at the end of the weekend. Apparently there’s one on my dad’s side of the family but I’ve not been invited.

When work organised a big social event for employees and their families they added everyone to a group - about 50 people including partners, initially for the purposes of organising the event. Four years later a number of my colleagues post about 3 unfunny memes a day on it, followed by everyone else just posting laughing emojis. I’ve muted the group but still find it hard to avoid. I want to leave but worry it would effect my annual bonus. My wife has left (the group), she says they can stuff the bonus.

This is the perfect place to do an unboxing vid in

I wish I had the balls, but I think I’m already considered the weird one.

Really, a picture of Geri Halliwell with “Which Spice Girl Can Still Get Petrol - Geri Can”? I want to reply to some of my colleagues why they think that deserves not one but three laughing/crying emojis. Before I discovered how to mute the group this kind of shit would wake me up at midnight with a ping.

Now I want to watch Jessica Jones again.

I am in zero (0) WhatsApp groups


Oh no hang on that’s not true, I’m in a card game one that I’ve muted.

Great post.