WhatsApp sidegroup anxiety...

Ever get it?

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I just mute them all, doesn’t seem to bother me otherwise. Am still in the whatsapp of a band I left 3 years ago.

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Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.


What’s a side group?

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replied to a work whatsapp group that was last updated 5 years ago asking if there were any updates, not even sure that it seemed like that good idea at the time

Leaving all my work WhatsApps was the best thing I ever did. Used to wake up at 5am the morning after having a drink immediately having to check I hadn’t sent anything that might get me sacked.

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when the new manager asked for everyone’s number one person just said no, and the rest of us wish we’d done that


I genuinely think that WhatsApp needs some massive changes to match its popularity. I hate the number of WhatsApp groups I’m now in, most of which are updates I’ll never reply to, but I don’t want to leave the group because that in itself will be a statement of its own. Sure you can mute groups, but you open the app and all of those groups are there right at the top. I just want to be able to move some groups into a “Don’t care” folder

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I don’t think leaving a group shows a message now.


A sidegroup are the other chat groups your friends have where talk about you or just have more fun.

That’s true, only admins see it, a change long overdue.

Even so, I don’t want to cause the “faux pas” with some groups of not being in there, and if something comes up being able to search for whatever the fuck it was they were talking about.

Someone I know recently left a group because of all the noise, and it became a “thing”. I don’t want leaving a group to be a “thing”.

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The thing with Archived groups is that they’re too inaccessible. I just want to be able to filter things so I can decide what’s important and what’s not.

You wish to eat the cake and also not eat the cake, as they say.


and I want it for free


Wish WhatsApp didn’t pop up in the chat saying Stickboy has left the group…lots of questions when. I left my work one but I just said I was getting loads of notifications when they were watching X factor or some other shite so left

Only the admins see these messages now



You can get around all this anxiety by simply having no friends.