Any Wheat fans on here?
I was recently reminded of the splendour of their album “Hope & Adams”.
I love the way they put their songs together and the layers they build laced with amazing melody.

Wheat - Who’s the one

In France they call them eight


Teenage Dirtbag hasnt aged well


haha…ooo you sarcy so and so’s…

Yes! Hope and Adams is good but Medeiros is the one for me. It has a lovely languid feel to it, slightly reminiscent of early Grandaddy perhaps. Coldplay quite obviously ripped off Summer when penning their soporific super smash Yellow.

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Love Hope & Adams, weirdly never listened to any of their other albums. I really should rectify that.

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I’ve not listened to Medeiros but I’d recommend the Everyday I'd say a prayer for Kathy.... album as well.

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I loved Hope & Adams so much at the time, and still go back to it every now and then. Plus it was produced by Dave Fridmann who seemed to produce every album I bought around that time (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, Home, Elf Power, Delgados, Sparklehorse).
Some nice songs on their other albums, but this is definitely the stand-out for me.

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