When are you most bored

Either day of week or time of day or…situationally.

For me I think it’s after about 9pm of an evening. Especially if there is nothing on TV.

The boredom encroaches so I open a bottle of wine and before I know it’s the next morning all over again.


During work hours tbh


Around 4 - 6am when I’m working nights.

The bit between having dinner and drinking, with a nadir at around 7:30pm

When reading Drowned In Sound I’ll get my coat.

About two options before I post a poll.

… But really, between 3pm and 5pm on a work day. Circadian rhythms and all that.

1-3pm most weekday afternoons

I’m too boring to get bored

Same as me tilts but I reach for the chocolate instead of the wine

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Good question. There’s a bit on a Sunday afternoon when I feel bored - usually between 4-5pm. We’ve usually done whatever activities we have planned for the day, and it’s not quite time to get things ready for the girls’ tea. So I’m at a loose end. And it’s not enough time to really get stuck into anything useful.

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Sunday evenings I think as someone who works Mon-Friday.

Can’t really go to the pub or whatever (when you could) without feeling guilty about it affecting work, rarely anything decent on the telly.

When I’m at work. Never, ever bored when I’m not.

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Usually immediately after someone’s asked me if I watched the sportsball/rugbyball/Bake Offball/Strictly Ball and I say no but they start telling me about what happened anyway.


How do you feel about :flying_disc: chat?

Can’t be any worse than football

Pasties are lovely, but I don’t give a stuff what county they are originally from


Any meeting at work. After five minutes my head drifts off to some other dimension.


Actually I’ve got a better answer: when I’m waiting around for a takeaway delivery to arrive. I can’t settle on anything because I know dinner is on its way, and I’m trying not to snack, but I’m failing.

2-4pm on a work day

Started going for an hour walk at 6pm then so my cross stitch for an hour or so after dinner